Most hackathons are about coming up with innovative new ideas and making plausible startup prototypes. This one is different. This one is about making terrible hacks! Take some time to make your bad ideas a reality.

For inspiration from past iterations of TerribleHack, take a look at our website!


Our bar is very low! Anything you have worked on counts!

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Best Programming Language

Best Pitch not from Creators

Best Bubble Tea Hack

Best Database Hack

Best /r/uwaterloo Hack

Best Version Control Hack


best who lives in a pineapple under the sea hack

Best Love Hack

Best Hack Name

Best npm Hack

submitted the same hack to multiple hackathons and did not realize this is not a serious hackathon? (3)

uwu owo uwu owo

Best use of Comic Sans MS

mmmmm gpu support

Best Dating App

Best Devpost Submission

Best Serious Hack

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Dave Pagurek

Dave Pagurek

Judging Criteria

  • Dankness
    The real prize is the joy of making something fun! (We don't actually have winners here.)

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